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air condition repair service and heating service in melbourne craigieburn victoria australia



Split systems can be supplied for almost any area of the home or business, at an affordable price and Repser Air provides reliable split system repairs and installation across Melbourne. A split system is one of the most popular types of systems on the market today. They are designed to be able to heat and cool a single room or zone. However, there is also the option of installing multiple indoor units to a single outdoor compressor unit, which is called a MultiZone split system. This type of system is usually chosen when there is insufficient space in the roof ducts. A split system air conditioner installation has many advantages:

  • Separate indoor and outdoor section
  • Ideal where no suitable window or external wall location exists
  • Very quiet indoor operation
  • The indoor unit can be located up to 15 metres away from the outdoor unit.
  • Multi split systems can have up to seven indoor units running off one outdoor unit
  • The indoor unit can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted
  • Window/wall units have all their components together in one unit, which is permanently mounted through and external wall or window

If you require expert split system repairs or installation, trust our technicians to get the job done right.

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Refrigerated Air Conditioners:

A refrigerated unit contains an indoor and outdoor coil, which are connected by a pipe carrying a refrigerant gas. When warm air is drawn in, the heat gets absorbed by the refrigerant and is then released outside, via the external coil. The air that is blown back into the room is cooler, less humid and filtered. Some units also provide a small amount of fresh air from outside the room.

SIZING – To ensure efficient operation it is crucial to choose the correct air conditioner size. Never oversize an air conditioner, as that can result in short cooling cycles, which won’ sufficiently reduce humidity. Frequent cycling (on and off) is also not efficient and will wear the unit down quickly. An undersized air conditioner will fail to provide adequate cooling.

Whatever type of system you have at home, we offer refrigerated split system air conditioner installation and repairs Melbourne wide.

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